Irish Taxes Terms and Conditions

This service agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which Irish Taxes will provide PAYE tax refund and/or Self Assessed tax return filing services to the undersigned Client (“you” and related pronouns).

Legal Information

Irish Taxes is a registered business name, Companies Registration Office number is 581088.

Our commitment

Irish Taxes is to act as a tax agent in dealing with all aspects of the filing of your Irish income tax return, including the submission of refund or credit claims, allowances or reliefs. All claims and tax returns to the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland will be prepared based on the assumption that you have provided true, accurate and complete information regarding your income, taxes, expenses and personal circumstances that may have an impact on the final tax assessment for any tax year.

Irish Taxes will use its best efforts to make the tax assessment which is most beneficial for you according to the legal entitlements and obligations that each taxpayer has within the Irish tax legislation. We commit to opt for the maximum allowable refund (or minimize the tax liability in the case of self-assessment) by claiming all tax deductions that may apply individually to each customer situation. Irish Taxes will provide the relevant service as expediently as possible, subject to the provision of all necessary documents by yourself.


Irish Taxes is not responsible for the final result of your tax assessment in cases where:

a) you have provided incorrect, insufficient or misleading information

b) you have an underpayment for any tax year that is not collected or owe money for any other tax type (LPT not paid, Income tax liability, VAT liability, etc.)

c) you have already received a rebate, either directly or through another tax agency

Client Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to provide all the information we require for the preparation of complete and accurate returns. This includes, but is not limited to, all tax forms received from employers, financial institutions, Revenue Commissioners of Ireland, as well as substantiation of all other income and expenses details. We rely on you to provide full disclosure of your income and expenses, and supporting documents and receipts where such are required.

Tax Compliance

As a registered tax agent, Irish Taxes must adhere to Revenue’s arrangements for PAYE Tax Agency Services from 15 Oct 2012 and Updated Revised arrangements from 01 Jul 2015 (Revenue eBrief No. 67/15). Following this obligation, we require and retain, for a period of 6 years, all documentary evidence of taxable sources of income and entitlement to credits and reliefs in respect of claims we submit to Revenue on your behalf.

Revenue may, from time to time, carry out random compliance checks on a taxpayer’s Return of Income and/or refund claims. In case of such verification check Irish Taxes will provide full support to ensure tax compliance.

PAYE A2 Mandate

When you sign the PAYE A2 authorization form, you authorize Irish Taxes to receive the transfer of any refund of PAYE/Universal Social Charge due to you by the Revenue Commissioners by electronic funds transfer to the bank account held by Irish Taxes. You agree to pay the fee charged by Irish Taxes in respect of the relevant service carried out on your behalf. This fee will be deducted from any amount refunded by Revenue and the balance of this amount will be paid to you.

Our fees

PAYE tax refund service:

We aim to make our charges as clear and simple as possible. Our fee for PAYE tax refunds is 8% per tax year, subject to a minimum processing fee of €19.90. There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

Self-assessed tax return filing service:

Our pricing is tailored to meet the unique situation for each Self assessed client – from simple to complex. Our income tax service is €199 and additional costs may apply depending on each taxpayer’s situation. A precise fee quote, based on the complexity of your tax return, will be provided to you before the process begins.

Payment methods

Once tax refund is issued and received in Irish Taxes bank account, we will contact you on the same day to request payment details. The usual payment method is by bank transfer to a bank account that you nominate.

Alternatively, you may also choose to receive your tax refund by cheque. In this case you should notify Irish Taxes as early as possible in the refund process.

At the time of the refund, Irish Taxes will contact you with the payment methods available so you can select the most convenient one.

Estimation and Tax Calculator

While offering our services our team of tax experts will interpret the vast number of tax law provisions in the most reasonable and law abiding view. However, there could be more than one view possible about the same tax provision and while Irish Taxes will attempt to achieve maximum allowable tax refund, the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland will make the final decision on the value of any refund due. Therefore, any estimation on the tax refund amount given by Irish Taxes, is an estimation, not a guarantee.

The Irish Taxes tax refund calculator is an estimation tool only. All calculations generated by the online calculator are an indicator of your entitlements based on the information provided.  Final refund amount due will depend upon the data on the actual documents provided and the decision of the relevant Tax office.

Modifications of these Terms and Conditions

Irish Taxes reserves the right to update or modify the terms, conditions and notices at any time. You are encouraged to check regularly the Terms and Conditions on the website for updates as amendments may be posted there from time to time. Such changes may be needed due to change in tax legislation or other circumstances.

Confidentiality and Data Management

The information that Irish Taxes request from you is used solely for preparation and filing of tax returns and tax refund claims in accordance with legal requirements of the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland. You may be asked from time to time to provide or update the necessary personal data for yourself or your dependents. We may share the data only with the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland for the purpose of filing of claims and tax returns with the authorization acquired by you.

Irish Taxes will retain and protect your personal details as per the relevant data protection legislation. We use high security standards to ensure your private information stays private.

These terms and conditions replace any previous version provided.