Irish landlords

Irish landlordIf you’re a landlord and rent out your house, apartment, office or your holiday home you must declare this income to Revenue Commissioners of Ireland each year by completing a self-assessment tax return.

Your annual tax return needs to include all sources of income you had during the tax year (such as income from employment, dividends, deposit interests, etc.) and has to be submitted to Irish Revenue by the 31st October following the end of the tax year.

We will guide you through the registration process, prepare your landlord tax return and submit it to Irish Revenue. When you register with us your dedicated Account Manager will make sure you don’t miss the annual deadline and you are fully compliant with tax regulations.

Tips and tricks

What expenses can I claim as a Landlord?

Following are examples of most common expenditure you may deduct when calculating your rental profit or loss:

  • Maintenance fees (cleaning and general servicing, exterior and interior painting and decorating)
  • Insurance of the premises
  • Management fees
  • Accountancy fees for preparation of rental accounts
  • PRTB registration fee
  • Repairs (mending broken windows and doors, replacing roof slates etc.)
  • Interest on money borrowed to purchase, improve or repair rented residential property
  • Mortgage protection policy premiums
  • Wear and Tear allowance of fixtures and fittings

Our experienced tax specialists developed a friendly tax questioning pack ensuring you will not miss any reliefs and tax deductions you may be entitled to in order to minimize your tax liability.

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